Fast Offerings

    The practice and blessing of the fast offering is explained, observed, and witnessed through personal stories of giving for people who have been lifted during a time of need, hunger, or hardship.
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    Fast Offerings - The Jerry Foote Family
    A short clip from the Jerry Foote Family video showing the benefits of the fast offering and how it can help those who are in need.
    Fast Offerings: A Simple Commandment with a Marvelous Promise
    Excerpt from President Henry B. Erying’s talk “Is Not This the Fast That I Have Chosen?” He discusses the blessings of the fast and the story of a humble woman who pays a generous fast offering.
    Fast Offerings: Are We Not All Beggars
    Through fast offerings, we can follow the example of Jesus Christ to care for the poor and needy among us.
    Fasting: Philippines Widow - Short
    A widow in the Philippines shows great faith while fasting and donating a fast offering.
    Fasting: Romania, Paun Family
    A father in Romania teaches his daughter about the importance of fasting and donating a generous fast offering, even when you don’t have much. To learn more, go to
    Fasting: Simi Valley Widow
    A California widow explains how fast offerings helped her in a time of need—and how important it is that she donates a generous fast offering now. To learn more, go to
    Fasting: Young Single Adult Ward, Amanda
    Amanda, a young single adult attending a YSA ward in Los Angeles, talks about how fasting plays a part in her life. To learn more, go to
    Jerry Foote Family
    Members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints contribute fast offerings to provide for the welfare of people of all faiths in their times of need.