Gérald Caussé
20 May 1963
Bordeaux, France
TitlePresiding Bishop
OrganizationPresiding Bishopric
Call Date9 Oct 2015
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Gérald Caussé

Gérald Caussé became the 15th presiding bishop in the Church’s history in October 2015. Bishop Caussé is the third presiding bishop born outside the United States and the first for whom English is a second language.

Personal Life

Gérald Caussé was born in Bordeaux, France on May 20, 1963. He married Valérie Lucienne Babin in August 1986. They are the parents of five children.

His Church service includes elders quorum president, bishop’s counselor, stake president’s counselor, stake president and Area Seventy.

Professional Life

Bishop Caussé was serving as a General Authority Seventy and as a counselor in the Europe Area Presidency when he accepted the call to be a counselor in the Presiding Bishopric at the April 2012 general conference.

Bishop Caussé received a master’s degree in business from ESSEC in 1987. His career has been in the food industry, where he has worked with several supermarket chains and food distribution companies. At the time of his call as a General Authority Seventy, he was the general manager of Pomona, a food distribution company in France.