2024 February Youth Magazine Cover

Grappling with gospel decisions?

02/01/24 | 1 min read
The February issue might be just what you need.

The February issue of For the Strength of Youth magazine shows youth turning to God in their decision-making. For example...

  • Questions and Answers: “I struggle with reaching out. How can I make friends with people?” Five youth share their advice!
  • A Sabbath Day Victory: Parker, a 17-year-old wrestler, talks about the choices that helped him reconnect with his Heavenly Father.
  • Reach out for Joy: Elder D. Todd Christofferson testifies of the joy we invite into our lives by choosing Christ—and how we can help others do the same, even when life is hard.

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What Decisions are You Facing?

Think about... which option will help me draw closer to God?