Ever invited a friend for dinner?
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Ever invited a friend for dinner?

06/24/24 | 1 min read
Make a plan tonight!

Amulek became friends with Alma after inviting him into his house for a meal. (See Alma 8.)

Now it’s your turn! Invite someone over for a meal with your family. To make it extra special, you could...

  • Create a reminder of the date and time for them to hang on their fridge.
  • Think of questions ahead of time that you could ask during dinner to learn more about them.
  • Plan to cook a family recipe and share why it’s special. (Ask about allergies before deciding the food!)
  • Draw a fun menu to give them when they arrive, showing what you’ll be serving.

Alma and Amulek ended up become close friends and missionary companions, helping each other during hard times. Who knows what your dinner will lead to?!

Preserve Family Recipes

If you end up making a family recipe, make sure to add it to FamilySearch.org!