Emoji Quiz Series
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Can you name these Old Testament stories?

02/21/22 | 1 min read
The emojis tell each tale!

If you need some help, here’s a hint for each story. Check your answers below!

  1. This couple made a choice that changed the course of eternity (Genesis 1–3).
  2. This person learns to have his will “swallowed” up in the will of the Father (Jonah 1–4).
  3. Invitations to this boat came in twos (Genesis 6–8).
  4. Prayer protected this prophet from harm (Daniel 6).
  5. Music packs a punch in this city (Joshua 6: 1–20).

Your Turn

Try telling your favorite scripture story with emojis. Then share it with a friend!

1. Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
2. Jonah gets swallowed by a whale
3. Noah’s Ark and the flood
4. Daniel and the lion’s den
5. Joshua wins the battle of Jericho