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Hymns—For Home and Church

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is making a major revision of the hymnbook and the Children’s Songbook. Explore the latest announcements and other information related to this historic project.

New Music Now Available

Small batches of new music from Hymns—For Home and Church will now be released every few months in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French. More languages will follow when they are ready.

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The new music collection is also available in the updated Sacred Music App (iOS, Android) and in the Gospel Library App (iOS, Android).
How to Start Using the New Music
You are encouraged to use this new music in your personal worship and study now! Unit leaders and those with music callings are also encouraged to incorporate new music into worship services.
New Hymns at Home
New Hymns at Home
Sacred music can enhance gospel study and worship in your home, both individually and with your family. Learn how you can incorporate sacred music into your life and experience the blessings that come with it.
New Hymns at Church
New Hymns at Church
Sacred music is a foundational part of our worship at church. Learn some ideas for incorporating new music into the church experience.
Project Timeline and Background
In June 2018, the Church announced a revision of the hymnbook and Children’s Songbook to meet the needs of a global church. This announcement began a multi-year project to gather and review the current music selection, new submissions, and songs from other Christian faith traditions.
  • June 2018: Revised hymnbook and Children’s Songbook announced.
  • September 2023: Title and projected release dates announced for Hymns—For Home and Church, a consolidated collection to include both hymns and children’s songs.
  • May 2024: Digital advance release to begin in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with new batches coming every few months. Other languages will follow as they are ready.
  • 2026: Full print and digital release of Hymns—For Home and Church in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French, with other languages to follow as they are ready.
  • 2030: Anticipated project completion, including a total of 50 languages released in print and digital formats.

Questions about the New Hymnbook

What will be different about the new hymnbook?

Hymns—For Home and Church will be a collection of 450–500 hymns and children’s songs combined into a single resource. The main collection will include the same song list and numbering across all languages in print and digital channels.

Will my national anthem be in the hymnbook?

Because the new core collection will be the same in every language, national anthems will not be included in the printed hymnbooks. However, sacred music of local interest may be made available to members by language through digital channels as they meet the goals of sacred music within a given country.

When will the hymns be available in my language?

Music translation, printing, and distribution for the worldwide Church is a major undertaking. Therefore, the leaders of the Church have decided to release Hymns—For Home and Church in language phases, starting in 2026. 50 languages will be completed before the end of 2030. Each language will receive several small batches of new music spaced out over approximately two and a half years before the release of the full hymnbook.

What resources are available to learn the new hymns?

  • Audio recordings are released for every title, including piano and guitar accompaniment and a melody-only vocal. Members can familiarize themselves with the new music by creating playlists within the Sacred Music app.
  • The interactive sheet music on the updated Online Music Library provides tools to hear each voice part of a hymn and transpose music into new keys.
  • Ward music coordinators can use the “Sacrament Meeting Hymns” tool on the Gospel Library app to program music for sacrament meeting. The tool has been updated to allow selections from the new advance release of Hymns—for Home and Church, the current hymnbook, and the current Children’s Songbook. By using this feature, members of the congregation will have quick access on Sundays from their Home screen to music that is not available in the pews. For more details about this tool, reference this training video: “Sacrament Meeting Hymns.

Why are the books being revised?

The Church has released an updated hymnbook and other music collections every few decades, and the senior Church leaders have determined that the timing is right for an update to the 1985 hymnbook and 1989 Children’s Songbook.

Issues that are being resolved with the new collection include:
  • Inconsistency in music offerings across languages spoken by members of the Church.
  • Doctrinal inaccuracies, culturally insensitive language, and limited cultural representation of the global Church.
  • Licensing limitations for music publishing, particularly impacting digital use.
  • Hymns that have fallen into disuse and can be retired to make way for other music that will be more valued.
  • Unaddressed gospel principles in our current collections.
  • Hymns that many members find are too difficult to sing or play.

Who oversees the revisions?

Under the direction of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, General Authorities and General Officers were assigned to oversee the hymnbook and Children’s Songbook revision. Those assignments have rotated many times since 2018, providing input from those with a diversity of experiences and perspectives from around the globe.

Hymnbook and Children’s Songbook committees work under the direction of the assigned General Authorities and General Officers. The committees are composed of Church employees and called members with expertise in a variety of areas, including music, education, literature, world cultures, and Church doctrine.

What has been the process for approving new songs?

The main task of the hymnbook and Children’s Songbook committees is to recommend music to the senior leaders of the Church. Recommendations have come from the Church’s current global library, hymns originating from other Christian faiths, and the 17,000 original pieces submitted for this new hymnbook. In some cases, the committees also recommend text and music revisions to align each piece with the criteria for this collection. The senior leaders of the Church, including the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presidency, counsel together about the committee recommendations to approve music for the collection.

What are the criteria for new songs?

All decisions about the new collection are based on five guiding principles that were informed and approved by the First Presidency. These criteria guide the review, editing, and leader approval process for every piece of music all the way up to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and First Presidency. Music included in the new Hymns—For Home and Church collection should:

1. Increase faith in and worship of Heavenly Father and His Son, Jesus Christ.

2. Teach the core doctrine of the gospel with power and clarity.

3. Invite joyful singing at home and at church.

4. Comfort the weary and inspire members to endure in faith.

5. Unify members throughout the Church.

I submitted a song. When will I know if it has been accepted?

The review and selection of music is expected to be completed early in 2025. At that point, all submitters will be notified at the same time of the status of their pieces. The Church leaders and committees involved in the project are grateful for all those who have made contributions to the hymnbook project in any way.

What will happen to the current hymnbook and Children’s Songbook ?

The current books will continue to be used until the full new collection is released in print and digital channels. These current collections will be available as legacy items through digital channels once the new books are distributed.

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