Getting Started

Last Updated: 13 August 2019 at 09:48

Welcome to the Patriarchal Blessings System! This system has been designed to help leaders and patriarchs create and keep track of recommends and patriarchal blessings.

Transitioning to the Online System

It is recommended that all leaders within the area, stake, or mission transition to using the Patriarchal Blessings System. The Patriarchal Blessings System can only be viewed using Church Account authorization. To get started, follow these initial steps:

  • The first time a patriarch logs in to the system, he should select the languages in which he can give a blessing.
  • Patriarchs should send all paper blessings to the Church History Library. Patriarchs outside of the United States and Canada should mail all paper blessings to their area office. The area office will forward the blessings to the Church History Library.
  • Leaders will no longer use the paper booklet for patriarchal blessing recommends, nor will they create recommends through the MLS system. All recommends must be generated through the system.
  • Area, stake, and mission presidents should assign scribes to patriarchs, as needed.
  • Area, stake, and mission presidents, bishops, and branch presidents can assign individual rights to counselors to use the system.

System Requirements

To begin using the Patriarchal Blessings System, log in using a compatible internet browser. The system currently supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Use any of these products. Microsoft Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are not supported.


It is expected that the Technology Specialists will be the first line of help for all users, so it is particularly important that they are familiar with all aspects of the Patriarchal Blessings System.

Each area, stake, or mission should hold an initial training meeting for anyone who will access the Patriarchal Blessings System. Before this meeting, attendees should review online training material pertinent to their calling. Everyone in attendance should have an Church Account. Training may include the following: 

  • Area, stake, or mission presidencies, secretaries, and clerks
  • Patriarchs and scribes
  • Ward and branch leaders, including: bishoprics, branch presidencies, secretaries, clerks, and technology specialists

As new leaders are called, it is the responsibility of the area, the stake, or the mission president to ensure that training on how to use the Patriarchal Blessings System is provided. Presidents should become familiar with all aspects of the program.

Please use this help section as a guide for what to cover in the training meeting. Leaders, patriarchs, and scribes should review this training periodically and as questions arise.