Technology Manager Overview

Last Updated: 18 September 2019 at 08:38

Technology Manager (TM) is a web-based tool intended to allow stake and district technology specialists, ecclesiastical leaders, and Church headquarters (CHQ) support personnel to view and manage networks and firewalls in meetinghouses and other Church buildings.

Technology Manager:

  • Displays property addresses, unit names, firewall model numbers, serial numbers, IP addresses, activation statuses, and online statuses of local meetinghouses.
  • Displays DHCP & static IP addressing.
  • Displays announcements from CHQ.
  • Allows access to view and edit ISP information.
  • Allows authorized users to disable wireless access on networks within their organization.
  • Allows users to easily submit for any new feature requests.
  • Shows contact information of key individuals.

To access TM, visit People with the following callings should have access to this tool:

  • Stake or district technology specialist
  • Assistant technology specialist
  • Area technology specialist
  • Stake or district presidency
  • High councilor
  • Stake or district clerk
  • Bishopric/branch presidency
  • Ward/branch clerk
  • Facilities managers (FM)
  • FM admins
  • FM mechanics

Access to this tool is obtained through the Church Directory of Leaders (CDOL). If someone is in one of these roles and cannot access TM, check to make sure this is reflected correctly in CDOL. For questions about Technology Manager, email

Technology Manager is currently officially available in English only.