Global Service Center

Last Updated: 7 October 2019 at 11:56

The Global Service Center (GSC) provides support for unit leaders and clerks related to membership and finance duties, information technology (IT), and

Contacting the Global Service Center

In the U.S. and Canada, most support departments at the Global Service Center can be reached by calling 1-855-LDS-HELP (1-855-537-4357). To get information on how to contact a specific department or to find hours of operation, department email addresses, or available languages, click on the appropriate link below:

  • Local Unit Support: Support and help for local unit leaders and clerks. Includes assistance with Member and Leader Services (MLS) software and membership and finance duties.
  • IT Support: Meetinghouse technology support for technology specialists and local unit leaders.
  • Support for obtaining needed materials. If asked to choose a language, you will be redirected to the store home page. You will then need to come back to this page and click this link a second time.