Relief Society and Primary Room Sound Systems

Last Updated: 16 September 2016 at 10:07

A sound system is provided in the Primary and Relief Society rooms (in newer buildings, the priesthood room may also have a sound system). The sound system in the Primary room helps children practice using a microphone in preparation for speaking in the chapel. The sound systems in other rooms can be used for voice amplification or media playback as needed. The sound system in each of these rooms can be used independently, even when the chapel or cultural hall sound systems are in use.

Source and Volume Controls

Source Switch. The source switch selects where the sound is originating. To receive sound from the chapel or the cultural hall (if chapel sound system is off), the source switch must be in the chapel (up) position. To receive sound from the local room, the source switch must be in the local microphone position.

Volume. The level of sound for the local microphone or for overflow sound is controlled by the volume control.

Microphone Inputs. The wall microphone inputs are connected to an independent amplifier in each room.


The pulpit microphone in the Primary room should be positioned even with the child’s chin and about 4–6 inches from his or her mouth. Children should be taught to speak clearly and as if they were speaking to the third row without a sound system.

Handheld microphones and lavalier microphones (a lapel microphone that clamps onto a shirt or tie) should be available in the library and can be used in any of the rooms. Although not as sensitive as the handheld microphones, lapel microphones are effective where only moderate amplification is needed and the user does not wish to hold a microphone. These microphones are ideal for instructors.

Care of the Equipment

Children should be taught to not blow into the microphone or otherwise abuse it. To discourage theft and abuse, microphones should be removed from the pulpit and secured in the library after each use.

Chapel Sound System Instructions
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