Release Notes

Last Updated: 12 July 2016 at 12:36

Release Features


Facility Issue Reporting (FIR) was originally created as a web application to be accessed from However, based on how it was intended to be used and the broad adoption of mobile computing, it became clear that a mobile experience was ideal. This release of FIR provides Apple and Android mobile applications and also a redesigned user interface on that makes the website version more mobile friendly.

Both mobile apps use the device’s GPS capabilities to identify the facility where the issue is being reported. This makes it so the person reporting the issue does not need to spend time finding the correct location. FIR also automatically completes as much of the contact information as it can, based on the LDS Account used to access FIR. If the user’s mobile device is equipped with a camera, he or she can take a photo and automatically attach it to the report of the issue.

In addition to the mobile apps and the version’s support for tablet and phone browsers, this release improves the user experience and simplifies the process for submitting an issue.

This release also includes better internationalization and support for additional languages.

New Feature 1: Android App

A new release of an Android app is available in the Google Play Store. The application has been released to the United States and Canada and will be available worldwide in the future. Android devices running a version older than 4.4 are not supported.

New Feature 2: Apple iPhone and iPad App

A new release of an Apple app is available in the Apple App Store. The application has been released to the United States and Canada and will be available worldwide in the future. Apple devices running versions of iOS older than 6 are not supported.

New Feature 3: Redesigned User Interface

The user interface displayed when FIR is accessed from has been redesigned. It now provides the same experience as the mobile interface. If location data is supplied, it will automatically determine the facility where the issue is being reported. Any local unit leader may report issues for any of the facilities within his or her stake.

New Feature 4: Internationalization and Language Support

FIR originally supported English, Portuguese, and Spanish. The following additional languages have been added:

  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Russian



Enhancement 1: Eliminated Cleaning Report

The original version of FIR included a cleaning report so FMs could communicate with priesthood leaders. This feature has been removed from the application because cleaning reports are not standard Meetinghouse Facilities operational items.

Enhancement 2: Expanded Access for Additional Leadership Roles

FIR originally supported only a few local leadership callings. This release expands access to FIR to members of ward and stake councils.

Enhancement 3: Eliminated Local Facilities Representative Approval

Prior to this release a stake physical facilities representative (PFR) was required to review and approve issues before they would be sent to a facilities manager. This no longer applies. In units that have filled the position, the stake physical facilities representative may still mark issues as duplicates.


Due to the substantial redesign, no fixes to existing features have been released.

Known Issues and Problems

Issue 1

Some users with Android devices running operating system versions between 4.1 and 4.3 have reported difficulty getting the application to start properly after installation.


Manually uninstall the complete application and reinstall. This issue is being investigated.

Issue 2

Desktop users running Firefox or Safari in full-screen mode on a high resolution display of 1080 pixels or larger have reported a left margin that pushes some content off the right side of the viewable area in the window.


If the window is maximized, restore it to window mode and resize to a smaller window. Usually upon resizing any part of the window, the content will snap back into place, especially if it is made smaller. This will be addressed in the next release.