Sacred Music App Help

Last Updated: 10 September 2021 at 10:34


The Sacred Music app contains all the music found in the hymnbook and children’s songbook. Depending on the language, a song may have sheet music, text, vocals, and an instrumental accompaniment. The songs can be searched for by title, hymn or page number, topic, author, or composer. They can also be organized into playlists. The app provides selections in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and French.


  • Requires iOS 5.1 or later.
  • Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.


Getting Started

Once you have downloaded the Sacred Music app, follow these directions to get started.

Collections Page

  1. Select a music collection.
  2. Or, search for a song title. All of the collections will be searched.

Songs Page

  1. Choose the method you would like to use to search for songs.
  2. Set the toggle button:
  • ABC to list songs alphabetically.
  • 123 to list by song number (same as in printed version).
  • First and Last to list the names of authors and composers.
  1. Scroll to find a song.
  2. Or, search to find a song. Canceling a search will always take you back to a main page.
  3. Select a song to continue.

Sheet Music Page

  1. Select to display sheet music or words only.
  2. Play the song.
  3. Advance forward or backward to the next song (in the order presented in the printed version).
  4. Select Now Playing to navigate to the music player.

Music Player Page

  1. Select an option.
  2. Advance forward or backward to the next song (alphabetically or by topic).
  3. Select to see a playlist.
  4. Navigate back to the sheet music page.


A playlist is a group of songs you organize so you can find them quickly and play them in a specific order.

To Create a New Playlist

  1. Select Playlists.
  2. Select to create a new playlist.
  3. Name and save the playlist.

The app changes to the playlist mode.

  1. Select a green circle to add a song to the playlist. Titles will be grayed when selected.
  2. Select Done when you are finished adding songs to the playlist.

The songs appear in the playlist.

  1. Select a song to play it.

To edit a playlist:

  1. Select to add or remove songs from the playlist.
  1. Select a red circle to remove a song from the playlist.
  2. Select to add songs to playlist. You will return to the song page in playlist mode.
  3. Select Done when you finish adding and removing songs from the playlist.