Interpretation Equipment

Last Updated: 11 February 2019 at 15:16

Congregations with multiple-language needs should coordinate with the local facilities management (FM) group. The FM group will obtain the equipment necessary to provide simultaneous interpretation of meetings. Translation assistance is provided through special receivers and headphones. Interpretation systems are portable and can be used anywhere in the meetinghouse.

An interpreter speaks into a microphone, and a transmitter broadcasts his or her words to people wearing headphones in the congregation. The interpreter’s microphone is sensitive enough to accurately broadcast a quiet or whispering voice.

When interpretation equipment is required, current models from Williams Sound will be supplied through your facilities manager. Older equipment has proved very durable and is still in use; all new equipment is compatible with the older equipment.

Broadcasting Multiple Languages with Interpretation Equipment

To allow part of a congregation to hear a different language without having to be in a different room during satellite broadcasts, a Williams Sound transmitter is used. The Williams transmitter line-level RCA jack input is connected to a VCR or television monitor (tuned to the needed language channel) that is connected to the satellite. Your FM group can assist you with these connections.