DNS Filtering Change Notice

Last Updated: 10 April 2020 at 16:33

Title:  DNS Internet Filtering- Device Settings

Change Summary:

The DNS-based filtering solution used on Church networks will change from our old provider to a new provider.

Potential Impact:

  • Devices (for example: printers, web casting devices, IoT devices, etc.) in meetinghouses or field sites with statically assigned IP addresses that require DNS, may need to be reconfigured.  These devices need to be identified so you can test to verify they work.
  • While we have attempted to maintain the whitelist generated from previous testing, the new provider may be filtering sites the old provider did not block, or vice versa.  We advise that you complete additional app and web page testing.

New Solution Testing:

  • Any device set to DHCP will automatically receive the DNS address changes.  We recommend using DHCP for all devices, whenever possible
  • Any device with a statically assigned IP will need to be reconfigured with the correct DNS addresses.  Since the DNS settings can vary by facility type (temples, meetinghouses, etc.), the best way to configure devices with static IPs is to copy the DNS addresses from a device that has joined the same network using DHCP
    • For example:  If you have a smartphone connected to the Church wifi network, you can open the wifi settings and find the DNS addresses associated with that network.  These are the addresses you will use to configure the devices with statically assigned IPs
  • Testing should include full functionality testing of the device, app, or web page from a meetinghouse or field user perspective