Split a Transaction

Last Updated: 17 August 2017 at 14:54

Policy and Principle

The CARD system will allow you to split a single transaction among multiple accounting codes, such as project IDs. For credit card transactions, the split will be completed in the original currency of the purchase, as listed at the top of the Expense Report Distributions screen.

The following instructions are for the Fluid view in PeopleSoft.

Split a Transaction

Select the transaction you want to split by clicking the vendor name and then clicking Accounting.  

Click Show All.

Click the plus sign to add a row of accounting. Continue to click the plus sign to add rows as needed (or click the minus sign to delete a row). For each row, enter the amount for that line and edit the accounting codes as needed. When all fields have been updated, click Done. Please note: the Amount field will turn red if the numbers in that column do not add up to the full amount of the transaction.