Connect Receiving Sites

Last Updated: 13 October 2017 at 15:56

Trying to view an event on a personal device? See Viewing on a Personal Device.

Each configured receiving site is provided with a unique link to view the event, so that site health can be closely monitored by both the technology specialist and support personnel. An assistant for each receiving site should be assigned when scheduling the event. See "Add Assistants" under My Profile Settings.

Attention! The link should never be copied and shared, as doing so will cause problems.

Connect Configured Receiving Sites

Follow these steps to connect to the proper event link for viewing at a configured receiving location:

  1. Log in with your LDS Account at

  2. Click “Events List” on the left-side menu.

    To assistants: If you do not see your scheduled event, your event manager may still need to add you as an assistant event manager.

  3. Click on the Event Name of the scheduled event.

  4. Under “Locations” find the building or location for which you are listed as the assistant.

  5. Click on the button “View Receive URL” for this location.

  6. Click on the URL provided.
    The webcast event stream will open in a default web browser; it will buffer, then begin playback.

If you get this message, “Attention: This location is already connected to the broadcast stream.” someone else has opened this stream link. They will need to close their browser window in order for it to become available to you. After they have closed their browser window, there may be up to a one minute delay before the stream becomes available. The portal will need to be refreshed to reflect link availability.

Viewing Requirements

In order to view a webcast at a Configured Receiving Site, you will need:

  • A computer (Mac or PC) with a dual-core processor minimum (4-core recommended).
    Note: Mobile devices are not recommended for Primary Receive Sites.
  • A supported Internet browser: Firefox (version 40 or higher), Safari, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.
  • A stable Internet connection of at least 1Mbps download speed for video (wired connections are highly recommended).
  • A projector (and projector screen) or large television (depending on audience size).
  • Audio amplification method (connect to chapel sound, TV speakers, etc.).

Receiving Site Setup

  1. Connect computer to Internet (wired connection is recommended).
  2. Connect computer to a larger display
  3. Connect computer audio output to Amplification Method.
  4. Follow the viewing instruction at the top of this article to access the streaming link for this location.


For additional support, contact the Global Service Center.