Using the Calendar

Last Updated: 27 February 2019 at 13:13

Calendar Overview

The calendar system shows events for your stake and ward. It can be found on by clicking on the My Account and Ward link in the upper right header. If you are using a mobile device, use the icon of a person inside a circle. The LDS Tools mobile app displays a read-only view of your stake and ward calendar events.

Stake and ward leaders decide how many calendars are needed. Each calendar user can then decide which stake or ward calendars to view on his or her personalized calendar. This multiple-calendar approach can give each organization in your stake or ward the flexibility to have its own calendar, if desired. For example, your ward can have a “Ward Activities” calendar, a “Young Women” calendar, a “Relief Society” calendar, and more. Having multiple calendars also gives members the flexibility to select only the calendars that are applicable to them. For example, a young married man can select the “Ward Events” and “Elders Quorum” calendars but hide the “Young Single Adults” and “Young Men” calendars.

The Choose Calendar link is used to select which calendars you want to have listed in the left panel in order to easily show or hide the events on your personalized calendar. In the left panel, by clicking on the icon by the calendar name, you can select your personalized color for that calendar. You can view the building scheduler’s contact information by clicking on the building name.

Calendar events have a title, a location (and rooms), a description, a date, a time, a contact person, and more. The events for each calendar are displayed on your main calendar in different colors of your choosing.

Events can be created only by a calendar editor. Typically, only stake or ward leaders can create calendar events. The leaders can authorize others to be calendar editors for specific calendars.

The calendar system simplifies the process of scheduling a building. When stake or ward calendar editors create events, they select the building and rooms for the event without going through a building scheduler. The system will automatically detect if there are scheduling conflicts.

Calendar Roles

By default, calendar roles are based on Church callings that have specific responsibilities related to the calendar. The roles are:

  • All members. They select the calendars to be shown in the main calendar area to suit their personal needs.
  • Calendar editors. They create events on stake or ward calendars.
  • Stake calendar administrators. They manage locations (buildings), create stake calendars, assign building schedulers, assign stake calendar editors, and oversee the creation of stake events.
  • Ward calendar administrators. They create ward calendars, assign ward calendar editors, and oversee the creation of ward events.
  • Building schedulers. They create events directly on location calendars. These events schedule the building but are not seen on stake or ward calendars or on the LDS Tools mobile app. They also create building restrictions when necessary. Building schedulers can edit or delete any events for their assigned building, regardless of who created them.

Calendar Navigation

The calendar consists of three main sections: the calendar toolbar, located across the top of the calendar; the left panel; and the main calendar area, which shows events. The calendar is personalized—it can show or hide multiple stake or ward calendars so you see only the events you want to see. The events from each calendar are displayed on your main calendar in their respective colors. Using the left panel, you can control which of the stake, ward, or location (building) calendars should be displayed.

Left Panel

The left panel is used to control which calendar events are displayed on the main calendar. On a mobile device, the left panel is hidden; tap the > tab to view it.

The mini calendar can be used to quickly navigate between days, weeks, and months.

To show a calendar, click on the eyeball icon to the right of the calendar name. You can choose your personalized calendar color by clicking on the colored icon to the left of the calendar name. For location calendars, if you click on the location name, the building scheduler’s contact information will be displayed.

At the top of the left panel is the Choose Calendars link. Use this link to choose which calendars you wish to have listed in the left panel. Use this link if you do not see any stake or ward calendars listed in the left panel or if you are missing calendars. The Choose Calendars page also lets you select whether you want to receive email reminders for events and for which calendars you wish to receive those reminders. When a calendar event is created, the event creator decides if a reminder should be sent to those who wish to receive them.

If you have an out-of-unit calling in a stake or ward, on the Choose Calendars page you will see listed the calendars for your assigned unit. You can choose to have those listed in the left panel. The same is true if you are a full-time missionary; you can choose to list the calendars for your assigned area. Certain stake leadership callings will let you see all the calendars for every ward in your stake, which you can choose to list on the left panel.

The top right of the panel displays what time zone is being used when viewing event times.

Calendar Toolbar

You can use the Add Event link to create an event. You can also create an event by clicking on a particular day in the main calendar area. If you are not a calendar editor, a message will appear explaining that you cannot create an event.

Toward the right of the toolbar are various buttons and icons. There are buttons to select your calendar view options: month, week, or agenda. On a mobile device you will instead see an icon resembling stacked dots or bars. When you click on the icon, your view will change. The Question Mark icon takes you to the various help articles relevant to the calendar system. The Print icon converts the calendar to PDF format for printing.

The Gear (Settings) icon displays a menu with options that vary depending on your calendar role.

Main Calendar

The main calendar area displays the titles and times for the events on the appropriate date, whether in month view, week view, or agenda view. The event title’s color corresponds to the calendar that event was created on. The colored dot corresponds to the building where the event is scheduled to take place. An event scheduled in a building appears on both the stake or ward calendar and the location calendar. If you are showing both calendars, the color of the title will correspond to the stake or ward calendar.

If you click on the title, a popup will appear with more information about the event, along with an Event Details link to go to the event page with all the details.

Types of Calendars

Location Calendars

A location calendar is automatically listed for each building in the stake or for buildings shared in other stakes. If you show a location calendar on your main calendar, it will show all the events scheduled in that building from every ward’s stake or ward calendars. It will also show non-stake-or-ward events (such as family events) that are put on the building calendar by the building scheduler. You would normally show a location calendar only when looking for an open date and time to schedule an event.

Stake calendar administrators should not create custom locations for Church-owned meetinghouses, as this will create duplicate location calendars, causing unnecessary confusion. Church Physical Facilities representatives assign stakes and wards to buildings, and the location calendars are created automatically and listed for those who use those buildings. Custom locations may otherwise be created by stake calendar administrators for locations such as pavilions, ball fields, and other stake properties.

If you do not see a building listed that should be, contact your stake clerk. He can set up a building so it can be scheduled in the calendar system.

Stake Calendars

Stake calendars include calendars created by the stake for stake events. Stake events should not be created by the building scheduler directly on a location calendar; they should be created on a stake calendar by a stake calendar editor or administrator.

Ward Calendars

Ward calendars include calendars created by the ward for ward events. Ward events should not be created by the building scheduler directly on a location calendar; they should be created on a ward calendar by a ward calendar editor or administrator.

Calendar Settings

The settings options are found in the Gear icon on the right side of the calendar toolbar. The items displayed vary depending on your role. The Gear menu items seen by all users include:


  1. Sync. This option allows you to sync your Church calendar with Microsoft Outlook, Google, Apple, and other calendar applications that support the iCal format. As events are added to your Church calendar, they will be synchronized with your third-party calendar to keep it updated. Simply choose your third-party calendar by generating a synced calendar URL to be used with your third-party calendar. By default, all the ward and stake calendar events listed in your left panel will be synced. You also have the ability to create a custom group of calendars to sync. Please keep in mind that it often takes many minutes, sometimes hours, to receive updates to your third-party calendar.
  2. Date Options. This option allows you to choose which day starts your week and if you want to use the 24-hour clock format for event times. By default, the times displayed are based on the time zone reported by your device. You can choose to display a fixed time zone so event times will not change if your device switches time zones.