Naming Guidelines

Last Updated: 27 February 2019 at 13:14

These naming guidelines will help avoid confusion in the calendar system.

  • Building names. Physical Facilities provides a temporary name for building locations. Stake calendar admins should rename the building in Locations and Rooms to the name that local members know it by. You should include “Building” in the name so it will not be confused with a stake or ward calendar.

    Never name a building only “Stake Center.” If buildings are shared between stakes and both stakes have buildings named “Stake Center,” members will not be able to tell them apart and will show up to the wrong building. Include your stake name or initials in the name of the stake center building.
  • Stake calendar names. Always include “Stake” in the name of stake calendars so they can be distinguished from ward calendars.
  • Event titles. When you have wards sharing buildings, it is helpful to have the ward’s initials at the beginning of an event title. That way, when you view the building calendar, which has events for multiple wards, it will be easier to see which events belong to a certain ward. If wards forget to use this naming convention, the building scheduler can rename the event to include it.