Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 25 March 2019 at 12:31

Question: Where can I find the stake/ward calendar?

Answer: From, click on the My Account and Ward link in the upper right. The calendar is in that menu. If you are using a mobile device, use the icon of a person inside a circle.

Question: For my month view, few events are seen. Most of them are hidden in a "+n more" link. What can I do to see more events? 

Answer: If you are using a desktop or laptop computer, try zooming out your browser page a bit using ctrl minus-sign. More events will appear. The large header at the top will soon be slimmed to give more vertical space. You can also try using the week view. 

Question: When I try to sign into the calendar, I receive an “Access Denied” message. Why?

Answer: You are using an LDS Account that is not associated with your membership number. Visit the Membership section of LDS Account to enter your membership number. If you get a message that your membership number is already in use, you likely have two LDS Accounts and need to use the other one.

Question: My calendar does not list all the ward or stake calendars, but for others in my ward, it does. Why?

Answer: Use the Choose Calendars link to select which calendars you want the left pane to show.

Question: How do I schedule a building?

Answer: Usually your ward leaders are editors for the ward calendars. They can create an event and at the same time schedule the desired building and rooms. For a family event, contact the building scheduler.

Question: Where can I find out who the building scheduler is?

Answer: From the calendar, click on the building name in the left pane.

Question: How can I change the color of a calendar’s events?

Answer: In the left pane, click on the colored icon to the left of the calendar name.

Question: Why am I seeing events by other wards on my calendar?

Answer: You are showing a location (building) calendar on your calendar. Deselect the eyeball icon for that calendar.

Question: I cannot find events on my ward calendar, even when I’ve selected all my ward calendars. However, they are on the location (building) calendar. Why?

Answer: Your building scheduler is improperly putting ward events directly on the building calendar. To properly use the calendar, your ward leaders should put the events on your ward calendars, which will also schedule the building.

Question: When I try to print the calendar, not all the events are shown and the titles are cut off, what can I do?

Answer: This is a known problem with the print view that is being worked on.

Question: I moved to a new ward, but I am still getting calendar reminders from my old ward. How can that be stopped?

Answer: Sign in to the calendar. It will then detect that you moved.

Question: When I create an event and select the option to send email reminders, who receives them?

Answer: Only members who have email notifications turned on for that calendar on the Choose Calendars page.

Question: I was called as a building scheduler, and the stake clerk put my calling in LCR. Why can’t I create events?

Answer: Your stake clerk needs to assign you to the proper building in his Locations and Rooms option in the calendar.

Question: We share a building with another stake. Does the calendar support this?

Answer: Yes, this is very common. If Physical Facilities has assigned your ward to that building in their system called FMAT, access to schedule the building is automatic. However, if the other stake mistakenly created a duplicate custom location calendar for that building and is using the custom location, they will need to be contacted to get access to it.

Question: Someone in the past created a duplicate custom location for a building. Can that be resolved?

Answer: Yes, the migration instructions are included in the help article “Managing Locations and Rooms.”

Question: The LDS Tools mobile app is not showing as many events as shown on my calendar. Why?

Answer: Currently location calendars can be viewed only on the calendar. That is the difference.

Question: Does the calendar have a search function?

Answer: No, it currently does not.

Question: For how many years are the calendar events saved?

Answer: Calendar events remain in the calendar system for two years.

Question: Wards are scheduling the building without going through the building scheduler. How can that be stopped?

Answer: The calendar system is designed to allow authorized calendar editors (usually ward leaders) to create events and schedule the building themselves without going through a building scheduler. Conflicts are automatically detected by the system.

Question: Our stake was recently reorganized, with new wards coming into the stake, wards leaving, and wards relocating to new buildings. What needs to be done? 

Answer: Please read the help article “Managing Locations and Rooms.”

Question: Our buildings have been given strange names. Can they be changed?

Answer: Yes, that is performed at the stake level using the Locations and Rooms option.

Question: How can I make all ward or stake members’ calendar view show events from a specific calendar?

Answer: You can’t, but a new calendar will automatically show on their list with eyeball icons selected.

Question: My calendar seems to be showing events one hour off. Why?

Answer: By default, the calendar shows events in the time zone of the device you are using. If you are traveling, event times may change on your device. However, you can have times stick to a certain time zone by selecting that option in Date Options in the gear settings.

Question: Can I add links to an event description?

Answer: Clickable hyperlinks are not supported. But you can include the address of a link, which can be copied and pasted into a browser address field.