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Historic Nauvoo Illinois

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Nauvoo, located in western Illinois, was an important city in the early Church. The focal point in the landscape and in the lives of the Latter-day Saints was the Nauvoo Temple. The community came together to not only build the temple, but complete important ordinances for both themselves and their ancestors. Today, visitors to Historic Nauvoo, whether in person or online, can discover the city where Joseph Smith received important revelations, apostles left on missions, tradespeople supported the economy, and the Relief Society cared for those in need. While the Saints had to leave Nauvoo and begin again in Utah, the foundations begun here continue to impact the Church today.

As a key historic site of the Church, Nauvoo tells the story of Latter-day Saints who were motivated by their faith in Jesus Christ and His restored gospel to settle here. The site provides examples of faith, service, work, devotion, and peace that can inspire people to strengthen their own faith in Jesus Christ, share His gospel message, and build up the communities where they live.