Performing Missionaries FAQs

"Sunset by the Mississippi" performance at Nauvoo
Each year, many worthy young Latter-day Saints apply for the opportunity to serve as performing missionaries. Only a limited number of missionaries can be called. Talent, training, and experience are very important. Other significant qualifications include physical health and character traits such as spiritual maturity, willingness to obey mission rules, and enthusiasm for serving.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do band members do?
What do actors do?
What do production technicians do?
Are performing missionaries associated with a specific school group?
Are performing missionaries part of the Nauvoo and British pageants?
Is this considered a full-time mission?
Why is this called a senior service mission opportunity?
Can I serve as a performing missionary in addition to a full-time mission?
I served as a performing missionary in the past. Can I apply again?
What are the qualifications to serve?
Is this service opportunity available to anyone in the world?
Do I need to be endowed to serve in this program?
Can I apply if I’m a senior in high school?
How long do missionaries serve?
What would I do as a performing missionary when I’m not in Nauvoo?
As a performing missionary, do I have to obey mission rules?
How much money does it cost to serve as a performing missionary?
How do I apply?
What is the missionary calling process?
Who could I talk to for more information?
I served as a performing missionary in the past. How can I help spread the word about the program?