#LightTheWorld Giving Machines Surpass 2017 Donations in the First Few Weeks

Contributed By Aubrey Eyre, Church News staff writer

  • 20 December 2018

A child looks through the selection of donations available in a #LightTheWorld “giving machine” in the lobby of the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City.

Article Highlights

  • The #LightTheWorld giving machines have collected over $1 million in donations.

Since the #LightTheWorld campaign kicked off in November at Temple Square in Salt Lake City and select locations around the world, giving machine donations have surpassed $1 million.

“We are thrilled with the enthusiastic and generous response worldwide to the #LightTheWorld giving machines,” said Church spokesman Daniel Woodruff in a statement on December 18. “In just a few weeks, these machines have generated 52,279 contributions, resulting in $1,332,128 in total donations to local and global charities.”

In 2017, there was a single giving machine in Salt Lake City for the #LightTheWorld campaign, which raised more than $550,000 for global and local charities.

Much like last year, livestock and animals—such as goats, cows, and chickens—are among the most popular items purchased from the machines. This year those items have brought in $517,023 to date.

Other popular items include meals, at $207,974.86; sewing machines, at $75,465; water bottles, at $53,150; and Polio vaccines, at $35,986.

Lines continue to form at the large red vending machines at five locations across the globe. Locations include the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake City, Utah; the Water Tower Plaza in Gilbert, Arizona; the Manhattan New York Temple in New York City, New York; the Hyde Park Visitors Center in London, England; and the SM Mega Mall in Manila, Philippines.

“The giving machines will remain open in each location through the end of December 2018,” Woodruff said. “We are truly touched by the willingness of people to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ and make a difference this Christmas season.”

A woman looks through the selection of water bottles available to buy as donations to charitable water causes at a #LightTheWorld “giving machine.”