New Songs Published in the Friend

TitleSheet MusicAudioMusic Video
“The First Vision” (April 2020 Liahona and Friend)  
“All Things Testify of Jesus” (December 2011 Friend)  
“As a Child of God” (January 2012 Friend) 
“Because I Am a Child of God” (October 2015 Friend) 
“The Book of Mormon Tells of Christ” (January 2020 Liahona and Friend)  
“Build an Ark” (September 2010 Friend) 
“Close as a Quiet Prayer” (March 2019 Liahona and Friend)  
“Come, Lord Jesus” (October 2012 Friend)
A song from the Church’s musical Savior of the World.
“Come to Bethlehem” (December 2007 Friend)  
“Family History Is the Story of Me” (July 2018 Friend)  
“The Family Is of God” (October 2008 Liahona and Friend) 
“The Gift of the Holy Ghost” (August 2005 Friend)  
“God Loves All His Children” (October 2018 Friend)  
“God’s Christmas Gift” (December 2013 Friend)MP3
“He Came for Us” (April 2011 Friend)  
“Holding Hands around the World” (October 2003 Liahona and Friend) 
“The Holy Temple” (January 2002 Friend)  
“I Feel the Spirit” (February 2004 Friend)  
“If I Listen with My Heart” (January 2011 Friend) 
“I Have Faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ” (October 2007 Friend)  
“I Heard the Prophet” (October 2001 Friend)  
“I’ll Stand Tall” (January 2016 Friend)MP3
“I Know That My Savior Loves Me” (March 2015 Friend)  
“I’ll Follow Him in Faith” (February 2003 Liahona and Friend)  
“I’m Learning the Ways of Jesus” (November 2010 Friend) 
“I Stand Prepared” (January 1995 Friend)  
“I Want to Be Baptized” (July 2005 Friend)  
“I Will Walk with Jesus—Family" (February 2020 Friend)MP3
“I Will Walk with Jesus—Children" (February 2020 Friend)MP3
“I Will Walk with Jesus—Youth" (February 2020 Friend)MP3
“Jesus’ Church Has Been Restored” (May 2017 Friend) 
“Jesus Is My True Light” (December 2009 Friend) 
“Latter-day Prophets” (May 2018 Friend)  
“Life is O’erflowing with Beautiful Things” (July 2009 Friend) 
“Light the World with Love” (January 2018 Friend)  
“Love Enough” (July 2014 Friend)MP3
“Make Room for Him” (December 2017 Liahona and Friend)  
“Many Names of Jesus” (April 2017 Friend)MP3
“My Blessings” (November 1983 Friend)  
“My Christmas Testimony” (December 2019 Liahona and Friend)  
“My Covenant Path” (September 2014 Friend) MP3
“The Nativity” (December 2014 Friend)MP3
“One in a Million” (February 2011 Friend) MP3
“Our Christmas Story Tree” (December 2010 Friend) 
“Our Time to Shine” (October 2014 Friend) 
“Plant a Garden” (March 1997 Friend)  
“A Prophet Lives Today” (October 2003 Friend)  
“Repentance” (June 1977 Friend)  
“Reverence Is a Feeling” (September 1996 Friend)  
“The Sabbath Day” (August 2017 Friend) 
“The Sabbath Day” (November 2004 Friend)  
“Sing of Christmas” (December 2003 Friend)  
“The Still Small Voice” (April 2006 Liahona and Friend)  
“Teach Me about the Temple” (October 2017 Friend) 
“There Is Love in My Family Tree” (October 2016 Friend)MP3
“Truth Restored” (October 2005 Liahona and Friend)  
“The Way to Bethlehem” (December 2015 Liahona and Friend) 
“When I Hear of Pioneer Children” (July 2016 Friend)MP3
“When I Hear the Prophet’s Voice” (September 2009 Friend) 
“When I Return to Him” (April 2019 Liahona and Friend)  
“With Priesthood Power” (April 2018 Friend)