• “Try Pie” (January 2020 Friend)
    Eliza’s family celebrates her trying out for the volleyball team, even though she didn’t make the team. 
  • “An A+ Choice” (November 2018 Friend)
    Brett’s grades aren’t as good as he’d like because middle school is a challenge for him, but he still tries and is happy for his sister when she gets good grades. 
  • “Achieving a Goal” (March 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    President Heber J. Grant (1856–1945) was a horrible baseball player as a boy, but he set a goal to play on a championship team.
  • “Best Penmanship” (April 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    President Heber J. Grant (1856–1945) worked hard at his penmanship so he could be successful.
  • “The Best Test I Ever Failed” (January 2015 Friend)
    A girl learns that she has to study for a test in addition to praying for help.
  • “The Blessings of Sacrifice” (December 2002 Liahona and Friend)
    Elder Adhemar Damiani of the Seventy teaches that if we can accomplish great things when we set goals and work hard.
  • “Brian Leads the Way” (August 2016 Friend)
    Brian sets an example for his older brothers when he works hard to help their dad plant bushes.
  • “A Buggy for Mom” (May 2016 Friend)
    Joseph earns money to buy a special gift to help his mother.
  • “The Doll Dilemma” (March 2013 Friend)
    Maddie earns and saves money to buy a doll she really wants.
  • “Growing in the Garden” (June 2012 Friend)
    Matt doesn’t want to weed his grandparents’ garden, but he discoveries the joys of working and serving.
  • “A Hard Worker” (December 2006 Liahona and Friend)
    President Wilford Woodruff (1807–98 )worked hard on his farm and for the Lord.
  • “Hard Worker” (October 2004 Liahona and Friend)
    Young President Heber J. Grant (1856–1945) worked hard at his greeting card business and went on to be a successful businessman.
  • “It’s Your Turn” (February 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    Bishop Gary E. Stevenson, presiding bishop, relates preparation for the Olympics with preparation for life.
  • “The Laundry Monster” (May 2016 Friend)
    Ana wants to keep playing instead of putting her laundry in the basket. Includes a simple activity.
  • “Matt and Mandy” (February 2017 Friend)
    Matt and Mandy argue about doing chores.
  • “Matt and Mandy” (March 2015 Friend)
    Mandy tries not to compare herself with another pianist at a recital.
  • “Our Page” (July 2010 Liahona and Friend)
    This page includes the testimony of a boy from Malaysia who worked hard for a good test grade.
  • “The Piano Recital” (January 2015 Friend)
    Nathan prays for help overcoming his nerves at a piano recital.
  • “Picking Blackberries” (July 2016 Friend)
    Elder Kevin S. Hamilton of the Seventy shares how he and his siblings worked hard to pick blackberries at his grandmother’s house when he was a child.
  • “Prayer and Work” (November 2007 Friend)
    Elder Neil L. Anderson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles shares how Heavenly Father helped him find his favorite rabbit.
  • “Ryan the Unstoppable Reader” (July 2016 Friend)
    Ryan has trouble reading, but with hard work and practice, he begins to get better.
  • “Straightening Nails” (June 2015 Friend)
    Elder L. Tom Perry (1922–2015) talks about learning the value of hard work as a child.
  • “There Is Work to Do!” (September 2013 Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches that hard work is important. Includes activity.
  • “Working on a Farm” (January 2007 Liahona and Friend)
    President Spencer W. Kimball (1895–1985) learned to be happy as he worked on his family’s farm.


  • “Dylan’s Saturday Surprise” (June 2012 Friend)
    Dylan doesn’t want to wake up to clean the church, but he feels blessed when he realizes he’s cleaning the Lord’s house.
  • Family Home Evening Idea: Working Hard
    Tell the story “Working on a Farm” (January 2007 Liahona and Friend). President Spencer W. Kimball (18951985) worked hard as a child, and as an Apostle he was prepared to help people with everyday chores. How can we follow the example of President Kimball? You might set a goal to do chores more cheerfully this week or help with a job when it isn’t your turn. Performing your duties with a smile now can prepare you to enjoy a life of service as a follower of Christ.
  • “Hidden Picture” (October 2015 Friend)
    Find the hidden objects in the picture of a family raking leaves.
  • “How to Get Chores Done Faster!” (August 2019 Friend)
    Fill in the blank spaces with nouns, adjectives, or verbs, and then read the story.
  • “Which Chore Is Mine?” (May 2004 Friend)
    Untangle the strings to sort out the children’s chores.