Messages from Leaders


  • “The Bike Monster” (December 2019 Friend)
    April wants a bike so badly, but because her parents have several children, they can’t afford a new one, and April’s classmates make fun of her used one.  
  • “Count Your Blessings” (November 2018 Friend)
    Jacy is having a hard time falling asleep, so her dad helps her to count her blessings
  • “Matt and Mandy” (November 2018 Friend)
    The family shares their gratitude for some of their blessings during dinner.
  • “The Blessing Fish” (November 2017 Friend)
    Brayden’s family talks about their blessing after reading a story about Peter catching fish from the Bible. 
  • “Blessing Quest” (May 2016 Friend)
    Friend readers share photos of things they are grateful for.
  • “Glad You’re My Dad” (February 2013 Friend)
    Mark realizes how grateful he is for the things his dad does for him.
  • “Grateful No Matter What” (October 2015 Friend)
    President Dieter F. Uchtdorf teaches about gratitude. Includes a matching activity.
  • “The Gratitude Goal” (May 2019 Friend)
    Kate, whose favorite scripture story is about the ten lepers, remembers to say thank you to the coach when she tries out for a soccer team.
  • “A Helping of Gratitude” (November 2013 Friend)
    Liza is not in the mood for saying something she is grateful for because she’s upset they couldn’t go to her grandparents’ house for Thanksgiving.
  • “I love Being Me!” (February 2013 Friend)
    Josh realizes how grateful he is for his life.
  • “Matt and Mandy” (November 2019 Friend)
    Matt gets a priesthood blessing before having surgery on his broken arm. Later he shares how grateful he is. 
  • “Matt and Mandy” (September 2012 Friend)
    Matt and Mandy express gratitude to the crossing guard.
  • “The Most Precious Gift” (September 2010 Liahona and Friend)
    A girl weaves a serape for a missionary who introduced her family to the gospel.
  • “My Gratitude List” (November 2009 Friend)
    Christina begins to keep a gratitude list when her father’s business struggles.
  • “New Shoes for Tillie” (October 2010 Friend)
    Tillie gets new shoes because her father sacrifices his shoes.
  • New Testament Stories, “Chapter 37: The Ten Lepers”
  • “Nine Lepers and a Thank-you Note” (November 2007 Friend)
    Shaun remembers to thank his grandparents for the gift they gave him.
  • “Pie-Crust Cabins” (November 2016 Friend)
    Robbin and her family have a tradition of building log cabins out of pie crust dough in order to remember their blessings and their ancestors.
  • “Pioneer Parasols” (July 2010 Friend)
    Christiana lets her father exchange her parasol for flour.
  • “Sharing Time: Giving Thanks” (November 1998 Liahona and Friend)
    Learn several ways to say “thank you.” Includes scripture stories about being thankful.
  • “Sincerely, Maisy: A Muddy Thanksgiving” (November 2017 Friend)
    Maisy writes in her journal about her Thanksgiving, which didn’t turn out according to her plan, but was still a great day because she got to help others. 
  • “The Story of the Ten Lepers” (May 2019 Friend)
    A rebus retelling of the story of Jesus healing the ten lepers.
  • “Sweeter Than Pie” (November 2015 Friend)
    Tally is sad when she gets sick and has to miss the Thanksgiving party at school, but then she remembers to be grateful.
  • “The Ten Lepers” (July 1999 Friend)
    A simplified version of the story of Jesus and the ten lepers.
  • Thankful for a Stepdad” (November 2014 Friend)
    Max’s dad isn’t a member of the Church, but he still gives Max a lot to be thankful for.
  • “There’s Always Time to Pray” (February 2015 Friend and Liahona)
    Fynn prays to be able to find friends at school.



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