Messages from Leaders

  • “Fasting for Vanuatu!” (September 2015 Friend)
    President Henry B. Eyring was moved by hearing of the storm damaged island of Vanuatu to pay his fast offering early so it might help the hungry, homeless and lonely.



  • Family Home Evening Idea: Fasting for Special Blessings
    Ask a parent about a time they fasted for special blessings. Read “Fasting for a Prophet” and “Question Corner” (July 2017 Liahona and Friend). What was it like when you fasted? Or talk with your family about when to start fasting.
  • “I Choose the Right by Living Gospel Principles” (July 2012 Liahona and Friend)
    The sons of Mosiah and Alma fasted and prayed to receive blessings from God. Includes instructions for decorating a rock as a prayer reminder.

Coloring Pages

  • “Esther Saves Her People” (September 1998 Friend)
    A retelling of the scripture story—including how Esther asked that her people fast and pray three days for her. Includes visual aids to cut out and color.