Counsel Together

    Lesson 4: Conducting Meetings

    Introduce the Principle

    In our day, the Lord has instructed leaders to plan and “conduct the meetings as they are led by the Holy Ghost, according to the commandments and revelations of God” (Doctrine and Covenants 20:45; see also Moroni 6:9; D&C 46:2). A well-conducted meeting will establish a dignified tone and invite the Spirit to be present.

    Learn Together

    • Discuss some qualities you like to see when someone is conducting a meeting.
    • How do these qualities invite the Spirit to be present?
    • Why is preparing in advance essential for an efficient and effective meeting?

    Consider the following suggestions for conducting a meeting effectively:

    • Arrive early and make sure everything is ready for the meeting.
    • When possible, make assignments ahead of time, including opening and closing prayers.
    • Conduct with reverence as guided by the Spirit. Leaders always teach by example.
    • Use a written agenda that outlines events to take place in the meeting.
    • The person conducting announces who will pray, speak, lead the music, and do other things.
    • Music*:
      • Choose music that invites the Spirit.
      • See that the music director and accompanist are prepared.
      • Where appropriate, arrange for prelude music to be played before the meeting starts.
    • Be efficient and aware of time limits.

    * A hymn may be part of opening exercises at an activity or event; however, an opening hymn is not part of the welcome and announcement for Sunday Young Women class.

    Live What We Are Learning

    • Practice conducting the welcome for a Sunday Young Women class or activity opening exercises. Ask presidency members to identify the things you did well and possible ways to improve.
    • Identify one specific way you will better prepare and conduct a meeting. Share with your class presidency what you did and the difference(s) you observed.