Counsel Together

    Lesson 5: Delegating Responsibility and Ensuring Accountability

    Introduce the Principle

    The Savior recognized the potential of others and called them to help in the work of His kingdom (see Matthew 10:1; 3 Nephi 11:18–22). Leaders help others grow by giving them meaningful assignments and providing encouragement and assistance as needed.

    Learn Together

    A relay race is an exciting event in track-and-field competition. What would you think of a member of a relay team who decided to keep the baton and run the whole race by herself? How would she make her team members feel? What would happen to a class if the president or the class presidency planned and did everything alone? What growth would others miss? How can involving others make for a “better race”?

    Delegation includes more than giving someone an assignment. It includes the following steps:

    1. Clearly outline the assignment in your own mind.
    2. Prayerfully determine who should be given the assignment.
    3. Meet with the other person to explain the assignment.
    4. Decide together when the assignment needs to be completed.
    5. Ensure that the assignment is understood and responsibility for it is accepted. Keep a written record of the assignment and check progress from time to time.
    6. Respect the assigned person’s efforts to develop plans and fulfill the assignment. Leaders provide encouragement and assistance as needed.
    7. Ask the person to report back about the assignment. After receiving the report, the leader accepts the person’s best efforts and expresses sincere appreciation for the good things the person has done.

    Live What We Are Learning

    As a presidency, counsel together about how you could involve class members in meaningful ways to prepare for an activity, to participate in a Sunday lesson, and so on. Use the guidelines for delegating. Discuss the benefits you observed by involving others.

    Working Together in the Ward Council” — Watch this video and liken the ward council to your class presidency. How can you better work together to bless the members of your class?