Serving Young Single Adult Sisters through Relief Society

For more information about how Relief Society leaders can serve young single adult sisters, see the following:

  • Learn how Relief Society presidents, counselors, and secretaries can serve (see Handbook 2: 9.2.2, 9.2.3, and 9.7.2).
  • Learn how advisers to young single adult sisters can serve (see Handbook 2: 9.2.5).
  • Learn how the stake Relief Society presidency member assigned to the stake young single adult committee, where applicable, can serve (see Handbook 2: 9.8.2 and 16.3.2).
  • Learn how to help young women transition into Relief Society (see Handbook 2: 9.7.1 and the New Relief Society Sisters training).
  • Determine if a Relief Society class for young single adult sisters would be helpful in your unit (see Handbook 2: 9.7.3).
  • Determine if a second Relief Society would be helpful in your unit (see Handbook 2: 9.9.1).