Resources for Relief Society Leaders

Child of God

Foundational Commandment and Foundational Truth:

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Priesthood Power:

Disciple of Christ

Councils and Unity:

Resources for Counseling Adults as a Relief Society President or Presidency:

Teaching Temple Covenants:

Welfare and Self-Reliance Resources:

  • Self-reliance Resources: Many Church members could benefit from improving their self-reliance. Self-reliance groups are small, action-oriented councils. During each group meeting, participants spend time reviewing doctrinal principles of self-reliance. They also learn practical skills such as managing personal finances, finding a better job, increasing education, building emotional resilience, or starting and growing a small business. They meet together to help build the skills and faith of each participant. For more information visit Local welfare and self-reliance managers can advise stake or district leaders on offering self-reliance groups in their units.