Endowed with Priesthood Power

Sister to Sister: Messages from the Presidency

We receive many questions about priesthood and what it means for women. Worthy men in the Church are ordained to priesthood offices and have specific duties and responsibilities associated with their sacred offices, including administering ordinances when authorized. However, the concept of priesthood among the Latter-day Saints is much broader than priesthood offices and applies to both men and women who have made covenants and been set apart for callings. On May 2, 2019, we addressed this topic when we spoke at the BYU Women’s Conference co-sponsored by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Relief Society.

First, what does it mean for a woman to be endowed with priesthood power?

To be endowed means to be given a gift—in this case the gift of priesthood power—that enables you to become more than you were before the gift was given.

The purpose of priesthood power is to help you access the grace of Jesus Christ’s atoning sacrifice and become more like Him. His priesthood power allows you to receive revelation, make decisions that lead you back to Him, and help you accomplish the work of salvation.

Second, how can women access priesthood power?

All women have access to priesthood power through their baptismal and temple covenants. You are blessed with priesthood power as you faithfully keep those covenants.

We always feel sad when we hear a woman say, “I don’t have the priesthood in my home.” She generally means there is no one holding a priesthood office in the home. Be assured that a single woman or a woman whose husband doesn’t hold a priesthood office is not cut off from priesthood power and blessings. Sisters who work to keep covenants with the Lord can themselves be a source of priesthood power for their own homes.

Third, what is the “before and after” difference of receiving priesthood power?

You are different once you have made and work to keep baptismal and temple covenants with God. That's the nature of covenants. As you serve Him and keep His commandments, God grants you a gift of power to change your heart and help you accomplish His work.

Watch our full BYU Women’s Conference address, “Endowed with Priesthood Power,” or read it here.

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