What if my life is not unfolding in the way I envisioned?

    Prophetic Promises

    “For each one who makes … covenants, the service that the Lord calls him or her to do will be suited perfectly to that person. …

    “You cannot know when, or for what length of time, your personal mission will be focused on service in calls such as mother, leader, or ministering sister. The Lord, out of love, does not leave us the choice of the timing, duration, or sequence of our assignments. Yet you know from scripture and living prophets that all of these assignments will come, either in this life or in the next, to every daughter of God. And all of them are preparation for eternal life in loving families—‘the greatest of all the gifts of God’ (Doctrine and Covenants 14:7).”

    1. Ministering Sister

    Requires “the preparation of a powerful, loving heart, a fearless faith that the Lord gives no command save He prepares a way, and a desire to go and do for Him.”

    2. Leader

    “You can and must prepare for your call to be a leader for the Lord when it comes. It will require faith in Jesus Christ, rooted in your deep love of the scriptures, to lead people and to teach His word without fear. Then you will be prepared to have the Holy Ghost as your constant companion.”

    3. Mother

    “It will take faith in Jesus Christ beyond what has ever before been in your heart. And it will take a capacity to pray for the influence, direction, and comfort of the Holy Ghost beyond what you may have felt was even possible.”


    “Becoming a covenant woman in partnership with God is how great and good daughters of God have always mothered, led, and ministered, serving in whatever way and place He has prepared for them.”

    Prophetic Promise:

    “I promise that you will find joy in your journey to your heavenly home as you return to Him as a covenant-keeping daughter of God. …

    “I also testify that Jesus Christ is your Savior; He loves you. And through His Atonement, you can be purified and lifted to the high and holy callings which will come to you.”