6.0 In Primary, the Faith in God program should be coordinated with Scouting to lay a foundation that prepares a boy to keep his baptismal covenants, better serve his family, and receive the priesthood. Scouting supports boys and their families by giving them an additional opportunity to put into practice the gospel principles they learn at home and in Primary. Parental involvement and help is a key to success in this program. Scouting also provides boys with leadership opportunities and helps them develop habits and attitudes of good citizenship. Scouting activities and meetings for Primary-age boys are preferably held in the daytime. Scouting meetings may be held at the meetinghouse, in a home, or in an outdoor setting and should open and close with prayer.

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7.0 Faith in God Award. Cub Scouts and Webelos Scouts can earn the Faith in God Award by completing the requirements contained in the Faith in God for Boys guidebook. Boys of other faiths may also earn the award by completing the requirements.

8.1 Standards. Church standards should be upheld at all Scout–sponsored activities. All Scouts and their leaders registered in LDS Scouting units are expected to live the standards of the Church as outlined in For the Strength of Youth.

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