How to Use Music in the Nursery

    Music invites the Spirit, making the nursery class a loving, happy place to be!

    Ways to Use Music

    Welcome the Children


    Teach Gospel Principles


    Teaching Helps for Nursery Music

    • Use only Church-approved resources in the nursery class. In addition to activities found in the manual, Church magazine resources can be used.
    • Prepare a special place in the nursery room where you can gather the children close to you for music time. It may be on a blanket or mat on the floor or with chairs arranged in a circle.
    • Sit or kneel so that you are at eye level and close to the children.
    • Consider preparing a box of music resources to keep in the nursery. It could contain simple musical instruments, a list of songs, and activity verses with simple pictures for the children to hold.
    • To teach the children a song, sing a short line a couple of times and then invite them to sing it with you.
    Prepare for Different Activities


    Gathering Activities

    Begin each lesson by gathering the children with a Church-approved song or other activity. As you use the same gathering activity each week, the children will recognize the gathering activity. It can be as simple as clapping your hands rhythmically and inviting the children to clap with you. Almost any Church-approved song or activity will work if it is simple and you use it consistently every week. Here are some examples of gathering activities:

    Sing a song the children enjoy, such as “I Am a Child of God” (Children’s Songbook, 2–3) or “Love One Another” (Children’s Songbook, 136).

    Sing “If You’re Happy” (Children’s Songbook, 266) using the following words:

    • If you’re ready for our lesson, come sit down,
    • If you’re ready for our lesson, come sit down.
    • If you’re ready for our lesson, it will surely be a blessing.
    • If you’re ready for our lesson, come sit down.
    Give Opportunities to Move


    Familiarize Children with Primary Songs