Ward Young Men Presidency


Some of the ward Young Men presidency's responsibilities related to the Aaronic Priesthood include:

Role as Advisers

8.3.4 He [the ward Young Men president] serves as a member of the ward priesthood executive committee and the ward council. As a member of this committee and council, he participates in efforts to build faith and strengthen individuals and families.

"Strengthening Families"

8.3.4 The ward Young Men president and his counselors serve as advisers to the Aaronic Priesthood quorums. They work under the direction of the bishopric.

"Your Responsibility for Quorums"

8.3.4 The ward Young Men presidency guides Aaronic Priesthood quorums in fulfilling their priesthood duties.

"Fulfilling Priesthood Duties"

8.9.4 The [ward] Young Men presidency holds a presidency meeting regularly. The president presides at the meeting and conducts it. The secretary attends, takes notes, and keeps track of assignments.

8.3.4 They [the ward Young Men presidency] also meet regularly with the counselor in the bishopric who oversees the Young Men organization.

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"Effective Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings"

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"Empowering Aaronic Priesthood Leadership"

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"Ministering in the Aaronic Priesthood"

Presidency Meetings and Leadership Training

8.3.4 They [the ward Young Men presidency] attend Aaronic Priesthood quorum presidency meetings and provide guidance as needed.

8.3.1 With assistance from quorum advisers, the bishop and his counselors teach leadership skills to quorum leaders and help them fulfill their responsibilities.

"Conducting Quorum Presidency Meeting"

8.3.4 He [the ward Young Men president] teaches other Young Men leaders their duties, using Handbook 2 as a resource.

Meetings to attend:

8.9.1 Priesthood Executive Committee (president only)

8.9.1 Ward Council (president only)

8.9.2 Bishopric Youth Committee

8.9.3 Quorum Presidency Meeting

8.9.4 Ward Young Men Presidency Meeting

8.9.5 Stake Priesthood Leadership Meeting

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"Quorum Presidency Meeting"

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"Effective Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings"

Quorum Meetings

8.3.4 They [the ward Young Men presidency] regularly teach lessons in Sunday quorum meetings, though they may share this responsibility with assistant advisers. They oversee efforts to improve gospel learning and teaching in the quorums.

"Conducting Sunday Quorum Meeting"

Henry B. Eyring—"The Strength in Quorums"

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"Quorum Meeting"

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"Effective Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings"

Duty to God

8.12 Duty to God Program—All Aaronic Priesthood holders are encouraged to participate in the Duty to God program. This program gives Aaronic Priesthood holders opportunities to develop spiritual strength, learn and fulfill their priesthood duties, prepare to receive the Melchizedek Priesthood and serve full-time missions, maintain physical health, and improve their relationships with others. Quorum leaders strive to develop love and brotherhood among quorum members.

"Instructions for Young Men, Parents, and Leaders"

"Fulfilling Your Duty to God"

"My Duty to God"

Preparation of Young Men

8.2 Aaronic Priesthood leaders assist parents in helping their sons prepare for priesthood ordinations, the temple endowment, full-time missionary service, temple marriage, and fatherhood.

8.7 Helping quorum members prepare for missionary service is a high priority for bishopric members and quorum advisers. . . . Leaders look for ways to include missionary preparation in quorum meetings, presidency meetings, quorum activities, and other settings.

"Preparing Young Men for Missionary Service: Provide Spiritual Experience"

8.7 They provide opportunities in quorum meetings and activities for quorum members to feel and recognize the influence of the Holy Ghost.

M. Russell Ballard—"Inspiring Young Men to Serve"

"Missionary Work: A Priesthood Duty"

"Stay within the Lines"

Actvities and Scouting

8.13.1 The Young Men presidency, under the direction of the bishopric, oversees Mutual for young men.

8.3.4 They [the Young Men presidency] work with quorum leaders to plan and carry out quorum activities, including Mutual activities.

8.3.4 Where Scouting is authorized by the Church, members of the Young Men presidency are generally called to serve as Scout leaders, but they may be called to serve as assistant Scout leaders.

"Shepherds Who Made All the Difference"

8.13.4 All adult Scout leaders should register before they begin their service and should receive proper training in their responsibilities. In the United States, registered adult leaders receive liability protection from the Boy Scouts of America.