Stake Presidency


Some of stake presidency's responsibilities related to the Aaronic Priesthood include:

Oversight of the Aaronic Priesthood

8.15.1, 15.1.2 The stake president assigns one of his counselors to oversee the stake Young Men organization (including Scouting where authorized).

Guidance and Counsel

15.1.2 The stake president assigns one of his counselors to oversee the stake Young Men organization (including Scouting where authorized). This counselor ensures that members of the stake Young Men presidency are instructed in their duties.

Members of the stake presidency meet regularly with the presidencies of the auxiliary organizations to which they are assigned. In these meetings, participants counsel together about the progress and needs of members in the organizations.

Leadership Training

18.3.2 The stake presidency convenes one stake general priesthood meeting each year. All Aaronic and Melchizedek Priesthood holders in the stake are to attend.

18.3.3  The stake presidency convenes a stake priesthood leadership meeting in connection with each stake conference. The presidency also convenes one other stake priesthood  leadership meeting during the year, for a total of three such meetings annually. The purposes of these meetings are to teach priesthood leaders their duties, increase their abilities, and strengthen their faith.

Mission Preparation

Bishops and stake presidents have an especially impor­tant responsibility to identify and prepare worthy, qualified members for missionary service (see Handbook 1, 4.2; Handbook 2, 8.7).

"Preparing Young Men for Missionary Service: Provide Spiritual Experiences"

Encourage youth to attend seminary to strengthen missionary preparation (see Handbook 1, 4.2).

Arrange for prospective missionaries to par­ticipate in the Teaching the Gospel course and missionary preparation classes (see Handbook 1, 4.2).

M. Russell Ballard—"Inspiring Young Men to Serve"

"Missionary Work: A Priesthood Duty"

"Stay within the Lines"

Stake Activities and Scouting

18.3.9 The stake Aaronic Priesthood–Young Women committee meets as needed to plan stake-sponsored combined activities for young men and young women. Youth should be included as much as possible in planning and carrying out activities such as youth conferences, dances, devotionals, and multistake events.

8.13.4 Young men ages 16 and 17 should be registered if they are pursuing rank advancements or if the stake president or bishop chooses to sponsor Scouting programs for young men of this age.

8.13.4 A counselor in the stake presidency sees that Scouting is organized and functioning in each ward in the stake; that young men, boys, and leaders are registered; and that all Scouting units are chartered. He also develops a positive working relationship with the local BSA council and district executive and serves as a member of the council LDS-BSA Relationship Committee. He registers as a member-at-large for the council.