Quorum Presidencies

Some of quorum presidencies' responsibilities related to the Aaronic Priesthood include:

In Church handbooks, the term quorum leaders refers to the deacons quorum presidency, the teachers quorum presidency, and the bishop and his assistants in the priests quorum. The members of the Young Men presidency are quorum advisers, not quorum leaders. (See Handbook 2, 8.3.)

Priesthood Duties

8.3.2 Aaronic Priesthood quorum leaders provide quorum members with opportunities for priesthood assignments, leadership experiences, and spiritual growth.

20.4.1 Under the direction of the bishopric, priesthood holders bless the sacrament and pass it to members of the congregation during each sacrament meeting. Aaronic Priesthood holders usually perform these duties.

8.4 Ministering is a priesthood responsibility of teachers, priests, and Melchizedek Priesthood holders.

8.5 Where a ward is geographically concentrated and where safety conditions permit, the bishop may direct Aaronic Priesthood holders, especially deacons, to contact member households each month to give members the opportunity to contribute fast offerings.

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Presidency Meetings and Leadership Training

8.3.2 Quorum presidencies hold regular quorum presidency meetings.

8.9.3 Each quorum presidency holds a presidency meeting regularly. The bishop regularly attends and presides over the priests quorum presidency meeting, and one of his assistants conducts it. The deacons quorum president and teachers quorum president conduct their presidency meetings, and they preside unless a member of the bishopric attends. Quorum advisers and secretaries also attend these meetings. Secretaries take notes and keep track of assignments.

8.3.2 [Aaronic Priesthood quorum leaders] receive instruction and guidance from the bishopric and quorum advisers.

"Conducting Quorum Presidency Meeting"

8.3.2 The deacons quorum president, the teachers quorum president, and one of the priests quorum assistants serve on the bishopric youth committee.

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"Effective Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings"

Quorum Meetings

8.3.1 The bishop assigns one of his counselors to oversee the deacons quorum and the other counselor to oversee the teachers quorum. They attend quorum presidency meetings and Sunday quorum meetings as often as possible.

8.3.2   Quorum presidencies and assistants to the bishop in the priests quorum conduct Sunday quorum meetings.

8.3.2 Aaronic Priesthood quorum leaders “sit in council” with quorum members, “teaching them the duties of their office.”

"Conducting Sunday Quorum Meeting"

8.11 The purposes of quorum meetings are to conduct quorum business, learn priesthood duties, and study the gospel of Jesus Christ.

8.3.2 On occasion, [Aaronic Priesthood quorum leaders] may give gospel instruction in Sunday quorum meetings, with help from quorum advisers.

90-92 Quorum presidencies invite quorum members to share their experiences in quorum meetings and encourage them to share with their families. For example, during the first few minutes of quorum meeting, they could invite quorum members to share what they are learning as they follow their plans to study the scriptures or serve others.

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"Effective Aaronic Priesthood Presidency and Quorum Meetings"

Watch Over and Fellowship

8.3.2 Aaronic Priesthood quorum presidencies and assistants to the bishop in the priests quorum watch over and fellowship quorum members and other young men of quorum age. They give special attention to those who are new members or less active and those who have disabilities or other special needs. Quorum leaders strive to develop love and brotherhood among quorum members.

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"Ministering in the Aaronic Priesthood"

Duty to God

8.3.2 Quorum presidencies help quorum members set and accomplish goals in the Duty to God program.

"Fulfilling Your Duty to God"

"My Duty to God"

8.13 Activities may help young men accomplish their goals in the Duty to God program.

90-92 Quorum presidents should review “To Quorum Presidents” in the Duty to God book.

Activities and Scouting

8.3.2 Quorum leaders help plan quorum activities, including Mutual.

8.13 Quorum leaders and quorum advisers plan activities based on the needs and interests of quorum members. They make a special effort to reach out to all young men, including those who have recently joined the Church and those who are less active. Activities may help young men accomplish their goals in the Duty to God program. Quorum leaders should participate as much as possible in planning and carrying out activities.