Trouble Streaming?

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why am I hearing the wrong language?

a. Within the video window, along the bottom there are several icons. Click the headphones icon. That will bring up a list of available languages you can select. 

2. Why are captions taking so long to load? 

a. Captions can sometimes take up to a minute or so to start displaying. 

3. Why aren’t captions in my language?

a. At this time, we only support captions in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

4. Why are the audio and video not matching up?

a. Our streams are split into a video feed and an audio feed. During events with multiple languages, we allow you to select the language you would like to hear. Sometimes the video and audio will lose sync. Refreshing your page will often fix the problem.  

b. Try using a different browser

i. In our testing, Chrome and Firefox have been the most consistent.

c. Try a different device

Tips to ensure a successful streaming experience

1. Free-up your computer’s experience

a. Close other applications or browser windows on your computer using internet and computer resources.

b. Free-up bandwidth on your network.

i. If you are connecting from a meetinghouse or an office building, gather people into a single room and connect one device to a single TV/Projector.

ii. A wired connection will be the most reliable way to stream video.

iii. If you are connected wirelessly, disconnect other devices from the network whenever possible.

c. Select fixed video rendition:

i. In the player there is a cog icon. Click that icon and you can select a fixed rendition you would like to stream. By default, it is set to auto which will try to account for your connection. By selecting a lower rendition, for example 360p, your quality will be fixed and can help mitigate rebuffering.

2. You can also view most live events, including general conference at these additional locations:


3. Listen to general conference at these locations:


Navigating the player


  • Play/pause icon – Play/pause video. You can also click anywhere on the viewable video to do the same.
  • Volume icon – Adjust your volume here. Click on icon to mute and on the volume bar to adjust higher or lower.
  • Live icon – Will take you to the live point of the stream if you have paused or gone back to other portions of the stream.
  • CC – Subtitle and Closed-captioning. Toggle off or select language from list. Also, you can change the styling in the captions settings.
  • Headphones – Select the language you would like to listen to from the list of available audio languages. It may take a few seconds to change.
  • Settings icon – Select the video rendition. It will be set to auto by default. Auto is recommended unless you are having playback issues or want to limit data transferred.
  • Bracket icon – Will toggle full screen mode on and off
  • ? icon – This is our help section. YouTube streams where available, will be displayed here as well as a link to a survey to submit viewing feedback.

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