Trouble Streaming?

Try the following:

1. Select a different player.

You may not have realized it, but we actually stream live events with up to three different players simultaneously. 

You can also view most live events, including general conference at these additional locations:


Listen to general conference at these locations:


2. Ensure that your device and home network are set up to stream successfully. See below for tips to ensure a successful streaming experience.

3. Try a different browser.

4. Try a different device.

5. Try restarting your device.

Previous activity on your device can sometimes cause slow processing, which affects subsequent activity. Even if all other applications are closed, your streaming experience may still be affected.


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Tips to ensure a successful streaming experience

1. Ensure your Flash player is up to date.

2. Free-up your computer’s resources.

Close other applications or browser windows on your computer, especially any other video streams currently playing.

3. Free-up bandwidth on your network.

a. If you are connecting from a meetinghouse or an office building, gather people into a single room and project a single stream.

b. A wired connection to your home network router will be the most reliable way to stream video. 

c. If you are connected wirelessly, disconnect other devices from the network whenever possible.