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    Simple Expressions of Love


    I learned from my wife the importance of expressions of love. Early in our marriage, often I would open my scriptures to give a message in the meeting, and I would find an affectionate, supporting noteJeanene had slipped into the pages. Sometimes they were so tender that I could hardly talk. Those precious notes from a loving wife were and continue to be a priceless treasure of comfort and inspiration.

    I began to do the same thing with her, not realizing how much it truly meant to her. I remember one year we didn’t have the resources for me to give her a valentine, so I decided to paint a watercolor on the front of the refrigerator. I did the best I could—I only made one mistake. It was enamel, not watercolor. She never let me try to remove that paint from the refrigerator.

    I remember one day I took some of those little round paper circles that you form when you punch holes in paper. And I wrote on them numbers 1 to 100, turned it over, and wrote her a message—one word on each circle. Then I scooped them up and put them in an envelope. I thought she would get a good laugh.

    When she passed away, I found in her private things how much she appreciated the simple messages that we shared with each other. I noted that she had carefully pasted every one of those circles on a piece of paper. She not only kept my notes to her, but she protected them with plastic coverings as if they were a valuable treasure. There is only one that she didn’t put with the others. It’s still behind the glass in our kitchen clock. It reads, “Jeanene, it’s time to tell you I love you.” It remains there and reminds me of that exceptional daughter of Father in Heaven.

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