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    100 Years of Family Home Evening

    What if for your next family home evening you had a birthday party for family home evening? After all, 100 years is definitely something to celebrate!

    Since 1915, families all over the world have gathered together once a week for songs, prayers, gospel study, activities, and, of course, treats. And let’s be honest, sometimes things get a little chaotic.

    But in the end, family home evening isn’t about perfect harmonies or even the ultimate fudgy brownies. It’s about learning the gospel together, helping each other build faith, and strengthening family ties.

    Check out why these youth think family home evening is something to celebrate. Then join the celebration. Share photos or videos or your own family home evening using #FamilyNight.

    Folding Flags and Making Memories

    Family folding up an American flag together

    I enjoyed teaching everyone about the folding of the flag for family home evening. It is an important skill to have and was a good way to have a small lesson together. I love making memories with my family.

    Ian R., 16, Alaska, USA

    Free from Distractions

    Family playing a game together

    Family home evening is a little bit of time where we are free from outside distractions and we can learn, sing, and share things with each other. I love it when we share experiences with each other about things that are meaningful to us. It makes me feel closer to my family, and I know that my parents went through some of the same experiences and hard things that I may experience.  

    Hailey J., 16, Utah, USA

    A Chance to Talk

    Family riding bikes outside

    We love going on walks and bike rides together so that we can be outside and be in nature. When we are outside it gives us an opportunity to talk and feel the Spirit. We also enjoy doing an activity called “spotlight.”  We recognize someone in the family who deserves a reward for being a good example. 

    Avery W., 13, Arizona, USA

    Doesn’t Have to Be a Lot

    Family sitting around a table

    We like to go up in the mountains and play around. But sometimes we do simple things like card games or watching a movie. No matter what we’re doing, even if we aren’t doing a lot, we still feel the love everyone has for each other. It’s great to see our family growing spiritually while we feel the Holy Ghost together.

    Morgan and Mason O., 16, Utah, USA

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