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    Personal Progress

    • ArticleA Patchwork of Progress

      • By Mindy Raye Friedman
      • 19 March 2012
      • 8

      These young women learned that their lives are a lot like a patchwork quilt—they are pieced together one square at a time.

    • ArticleIntroduction to Personal Progress

      • By Sister Elaine S. Dalton
      • 7 September 2011
      • 14

      Personal Progress helps each young woman who participates develop daily righteous routines and holy habits.

    • ArticleWhy Personal Progress?

      • By Elder Shayne M. Bowen
      • 2 September 2011
      • 7

      Personal Progress helps you develop values that prepare you and mold your character so that you can fulfill your divine potential.

    •  VideoWhere Music Leads

      • 15 August 2011
      • 17

      What started as a Personal Progress experience has led Sadie Taylor to some great musical experiences.

    •  Video195 Dresses

      Have you ever noticed how hard it is to find a modest prom dress? One young woman in Arizona came up with a solution for her community.

    •  VideoWe Have Endured Many Things: Spiritual Strength

      Laura describes how she develops faith to live the gospel even though few Latter-day Saints live in her area. She receives spiritual strength from the gospel of Jesus Christ, the scriptures, and the Personal Progress program.

    •  VideoA Mighty Change: Conversion

      Alejandra expresses gratitude for the changes in her life that resulted from her baptism and the joy she feels when serving others.

    •  VideoThe Miracle of Personal Progress

      • 15 March 2011
      • 15

      By working on their Personal Progress, two young women from Ukraine saw their families’ lives change in ways they had not thought possible.