• ArticleLight the World: December 1–7

      • 30 November 2017
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      25 Days, 25 Ways to Light the World

    • Article30 Things You Didn’t Know about Dad

      • By Lisa Adachi Childs
      • 18 June 2015
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      What was Dad like when he was your age? Find out!

    • Article30 Things You Never Knew about Mom

      • By Lisa Adachi Childs
      • 7 May 2015
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      Think you know everything there is to know about your mom?

    • ArticleWhy Being a Dad Rocks!

      • By Chris Deaver
      • 7 August 2014
      • 3

      One of the greatest adventures of your life will be your role and calling as a father.

    • ArticleWhy Being a Mom Rocks!

      • By Alex Larsen
      • 7 August 2014
      • 6

      The world told me I would be giving up everything, but what I gained was worth so much more.

    •  VideoA Father’s Influence

      • By Sister Elaine S. Dalton
      • 30 September 2011
      • 2

      I knew my father had a testimony. I knew he loved the Lord. And because my father loved the Lord, I did too.

    •  VideoFathers and Sons

      • 26 December 2010
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      A young man in Nevada applied the counsel given by Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and changed his relationship with his father forever. Read Elder Ballard’s address in the November 2009 Ensign article “Fathers and Sons: A Remarkable Relationship.”

    •  VideoMothers and Daughters

      • 25 December 2010
      • 11

      Young women in Alberta, Canada, talk about why their mothers are such good examples for them. And Elder M. Russell Ballard of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles teaches about the blessings and importance of the special relationship between mothers and daughters.