Ward and Branch Councils

    Counseling Together

    1. How will this bless the lives of our children, youth and families?
    2. With a renewed focus on home-centered, how do we support and strengthen parents?
    3. How will we share this new initiative with families that are not actively participating with us?
    4. Are we organized to take advantage of this change?
      1. Are primary leaders called and functioning in their roles?
      2. Are quorum and class presidencies called, functioning, and understand their roles?
      3. Do adult Aaronic Priesthood and Young Women leaders understand their new roles to strengthen quorum and class presidencies and letting them lead?
      4. How will we review and talk about this new initiative in our ward council meetings on a regular basis?
      5. As a ward council how can we support this new initiative to strengthen children, youth, and families through the Elders quorum and Relief Society?
    5. How do we ensure our children and youth have fun and exciting service and activities to help them learn essential life skills and grow and develop their talents?
      1. What resources do we have in the ward or branch to help and assist?
    6. How do we help our children, youth, and families find joy in living the gospel, make and keep their covenants, and participate in the work of salvation?