Mobile and Web Resources for Parents

    Resources to support parents, including ideas for activities and personal goals, will be introduced on November 17, 2019. Here is a preview of things to come.

    Helping Parents

    Parenting resources and ideas to address some of the top concerns and challenges facing parents today will be available. Parents will be able to submit questions or challenges they are facing.  These questions and challenges will be used to help influence future parenting resources.

    In the future, as parents create or discover new ways to teach valuable life skills, they can electronically submit their ideas to share with families around the Church.

    Service, Activity, and Goal Ideas

    Service, activity, and goal ideas will be available to assist parents in planning family activities and helping their children learn valuable life skills. These ideas cover a wide array of learning experiences across the four areas: spiritual, social, physical, and intellectual. Parents can adapt these ideas to meet the needs of their children and families.