YSA Stake Relief Society President

Overview of Responsibilities

  1. Become familiar with the FSY website and refer leaders and potential FSY field staff to the website to answer any FSY questions.
    • For questions not answered on the website, reach out to your coordinating council FSY representative.
  2. Act as a liaison between the coordinating council FSY representative and all YSA ward FSY representatives in your stake.
  3. Encourage all eligible young single adults to apply to work as FSY field staff.
  4. If a stake FSY representative has been called, use them for support, as needed. You may speak with your stake presidency if you would like a stake FSY representative to be called.

Details of Responsibilities

FSY field staff will be provided with housing, meals, and transportation between sessions in addition to their weekly pay. They are expected to work for four or more weeks during the summer.

  • Encourage all eligible young single adults to apply to be FSY field staff.
    • Counselors have a major influence on the youth and play a pivotal role in the success of FSY conferences. As such, leaders should prayerfully consider who they should encourage to apply as counselors. They should encourage young single adults primarily based on their ability to strengthen youth rather than solely as an opportunity for the young single adult to be strengthened. Young single adults will be responsible for the spiritual and physical safety of the youth. Young single adults who support or promote any teachings, practices, or doctrine contrary to those of the Church or who are currently going through a membership council should not be encouraged to apply to be an FSY counselor.
  • Distribute the YSA recruitment poster to young single adults, wards, and leaders in your stake. The poster will be added to the top of this page soon.
  • The poster may be printed and hung in meetinghouses, emailed to YSA, and/or used in social media posts promoting the opportunity.

Who Do I Work With?

Local leaders are key to the success of FSY. Their role is essential before, during, and after the conference.

  • This leader will give you instructions from Church headquarters regarding FSY field staff recruitment.
  • Contact your coordinating council FSY representative with any questions you may have.

  • Work with these leaders as they support the ward and stake leadership in determining the best way to prepare young single adults for the FSY experience.

  • Work with these leaders as they seek out, prayerfully consider, and personally invite young single adults to apply to serve as FSY counselors.

  • Work with this leader to encourage FSY field staff recruitment.
  • Follow up with bishopric recommendations and answer any questions regarding counselor applications.