Youth Approval Tool: How to Guide

Essential Information:

  • Please read the information at the top of the approval page. This details the requirements for a youth to attend a session of FSY and instructions on how to add out-of-unit youth.
  • Participant approvals can be edited until the youth has pre-registered or registered for a session. Additionally, not all youth approvals need to be submitted at the same time.
  • Approvals can be granted and edited by any member of the bishopric.
  • For your convenience, we have prefilled what we believe to be the most common answer for all youth. The ‘Likely to Attend’ selection must be made to grant approval for a youth.
  • There is a ‘Submit All’ button at the top and bottom of the table. The changes you have made will not be submitted to Church Headquarters until that has been pressed – A ‘Pending Submit’ notice will appear directly under the name of a youth whose approval status has been changed but not submitted or who has not been touched since approvals opened (see images below).

Instructions for Approving Youth:

  1. In a browser, go to Leader and Clerk Resources (LCR) > Applications > For the Strength of Youth Conferences. Once in the FSY pages, select the Participant tab. This stands for ‘Participant Approvals.’ A screenshot highlighting Participant navigation menu item
  2. Review the information explaining the requirements for youth to attend FSY at the top of the page. This is more detailed than it has been in prior years to provide greater insight and instruction. All youth participating in FSY must meet these requirements.
  3. Scroll down to the table displaying the eligible youth in your unitA screenshot of a survey
  4. For each youth do the following:
    • Approve to Attend: Considering the guidance at the top of the approval page and determine if the youth should be approved to attend. If not, select ‘No.’
    • Ward to Pay Participant Fee: Determine if your unit will pay the participant fee in addition to the ward fee. Select ‘Yes’ if that is the decision. For clarification or more details please see Billing Information.
    • Likely to Attend: Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ if you believe the youth is likely to attend FSY. This is not a determining factor on if the youth is approved. Additionally, this column must be filled out for approval to be granted to the youth. This column will be tinted red until a 'Yes’ or a 'No’ has been selected. This is to help identify youth whose approvals may have been accidentally missed.A screenshot of Approval to Attend form
  5. Scroll to the bottom or the top of the table and select ‘Submit All.’ A screenshot pointing out the Submit All buttons

General Information:

  • The current approval or registration status of each youth will be displayed in the right-hand column, including account errors. Information on resolving these errors can be found on the Account Error Resolutions page. A screenshot of the Registration Status column
  • If youth whose records are not in your ward (members and friends of the church) have been approved by your ward, their approval will show in a separate table under those who are members of your ward. For instructions on how to approve these youth, please see the ‘Can a youth outside my unit attend FSY with my unit?’ question in the Leader Information section of the FAQ page.