Ward Youth Leadership

Overview of Responsibilities

All members of ward youth leadership, including those who are part of stakes not attending FSY this upcoming summer, should:

  1. Work with the ward FSY representative to understand how you can best support them.
  2. Become familiar with the FSY website, particularly the FAQ, and refer leadersparents, youth, and young single adults to the website to answer any FSY questions.
    • For questions not answered on the website, reach out to your ward FSY representative.
  3. Recruit YSA to participate in FSY as field staff.

Members of ward youth leadership who are part of stakes attending FSY this upcoming summer should:

  1. Support the planning and execution of the stake FSY activities to be held before and after the session(s), as requested by the stake youth leadership.
    • Take special care to ensure youth with dietary, disability, medical, or other needs have appropriate accommodations in place for these activities.
  2. Promote FSY and ensure that all information about your assigned session(s) is communicated to youth, parents, and leaders.
  3. Support local priesthood leaders as they encourage youth to participate in and prepare spiritually for FSY.

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