Registration: How to Guide

Essential Information:

  • Registration can be done under the parent’s/legal guardian’s or youth’s Church Account username. For the parent/legal guardian to be able to register, the youth must be linked as part of their household.
  • Roommate requests may be added up to two weeks before the session start date.
  • Accommodation requests can be added up to 30 days before the session start date.
  • Some information will be pre-filled based on information provided by past FSY registrations or the youth’s Church Account. Please verify all pre-filled information is accurate and update as necessary.

Instructions to Pre-Register

  1. Once bishopric approval has been granted, go to > United States or Canada > Register here or use the link in the email received after bishopric approval.
    click on Pre-register here screenshot
  2. Select ‘Agree’.
    Agree to leaving the site screenshot
  3. Log in with your Church Account username and password if asked to do so (parent or youth may log in).
    sign in form screenshot
  4. If a parent/legal guardian is logging in, they will see a list of all the approved youth in their household and the status of each youths’ registration. Select a youth to open their registration.
    A screenshot of a registration form Description automatically generated
  5. Review the list of ‘Essential Functions’ and be sure they apply to the youth. If there are questions about the youth’s ability to meet these requirements please email
    essential functions screenshot
  6. Select locations you are interested in attending, and then choose which session you want to register for.
    Select session preferences choices.
  7. Fill in/review youth information and if no photo is present, upload a clear image of the youth’s face. Please update if the photo of the youth is out of date.
    A screenshot of a registration form Description automatically generated
  8. Fill in/review in the parent or guardian information.
    A screenshot of a registration form Description automatically generated
  9. Fill in the emergency Contact information. This should be someone other than a parent(s)/guardian(s) already listed. FSY will always try to reach out to the parent(s)/ guardian(s) first. If they cannot be reached, then FSY will reach out to emergency contacts.
    youth information screenshot
  10. Fill in the Medical/Health Information and submit accommodation requests if applicable. Be sure to expand and complete each section.
    youth information screenshot
  11. There is the option to request a roommate here. That is done by entering the confirmation number of another registered youth. Only one youth must do this for the two to be linked. Please note, one may log back into the youth’s account and add or change a roommate request until two weeks prior to the session start date.
    youth information screenshot
  12. Agree to or reject church provided transportation, where applicable. This will only appear if it applies to the youth.
    youth information screenshot
  13. Some campuses require additional agreements. If you are registering for a campus that requires another agreement that will show here. This will only appear if it applies to the campus selected.
    youth information screenshot
  14. The parent/guardian and youth must sign the Terms and Conditions.
    youth information screenshot
  15. Review the shopping cart and verify all the information is accurate. If accurate, proceed to payment.
    youth information screenshot
  16. When successfully registered you will see a confirmation page, the participant dashboard will list submitted details, and a confirmation email or text will be sent to the addresses/numbers provided in registration for the youth and parent(s).