General FSY Travel Information

General Youth Travel Information for the 2024 summer:

  • FSY Youth Travel will organize travel arrangements directly with your Stake Young Women’s President.  FSY Coordinating Counsel Representatives and ward representatives should work with the Stake Young Women’s and Young Men’s Presidents to receive information about travel arrangements.
    • Number of youths riding the bus must be finalized 30 days prior to session start date.  Youth who register after that date are not guaranteed a seat on the bus.
    • Number of youths flying to a session must be finalized 75 days prior to session start date. Youth who register after that date are not guaranteed a seat on the flight.
      • This timeline is based off airline policies.
      • No chaperones are needed for stakes receiving air transportation.
    • We ask stakes that are being provided travel to make registration a priority.  This will make the process easier and will ensure that all youth are provided travel that need it.
    • Registration must be done before February 15th to ensure a bedspace.
  • Stake leaders can learn about their responsibilities and access the Youth Report from the following links
  • Questions regarding registration should go directly to this numbers:
    • US Registration - (801) 240-3009 ext. 7
    • Canadian Registration - 1-888-898-8144 ext. 7

If you have questions regarding stake specific travel information, please contact your stake young women’s president.

Guidelines for Stake Bus Chaperones:

  • Stakes must provide 2 adult chaperones per bus of 50 youth on Monday and Saturday mornings for their assigned session (they do not need to be the same people).
  • A driver(s) in a personal vehicle(s) will follow behind the busses to/from FSY Session to pick up/drop off chaperones.
    • Chaperones CANNOT stay at the session location during the week.  Chaperones are only permitted to be on campus during youth check-in and checkout.


  • Monday Chaperones:
    • Monday chaperones driving more than 5 hours (one way) will need to arrange hotel accommodations for the night and depart back to the stake center Tuesday morning.
  • Saturday Chaperones:
    • Saturday chaperones may need to arrange hotel accommodations for Friday evening due to early pick up on Saturday morning.
  • All hotel accommodations should be booked in advance to ensure the best price.
  • A training will be provided for all chaperones.
  • FSY Financial will reimburse funds directly to stake units for meals, mileage, and hotel stays. The reimbursement amount for each of the categories above will be communicated to the stake YW president and stake financial clerk via email.
  • Stakes will receive funds for chaperones in May.
  • All receipts must be submitted directly to the stake within 30 days of the end of session.