You Asked, We Listened. Here's What's Coming in Gospel Living.

02/15/20 | 1 min read

The Gospel Living app has only just launched, but requests for new features and options have already been pouring in from all over the world, which is awesome because we want this app to bless your life and work for you.

So keep those ideas coming. This is only the beginning.

In the meantime, you’ll be happy to know that much of what you’re asking for is already in the works, including:


Adult leaders and teachers will soon get a Circle associated with their calling to allow them to better coordinate and communicate. Some stake Circles are coming too. High fives all around!


This one’s big. You will soon have the ability to add people (including friends not of our faith) to an existing Circle. Neat, right?


You’ve told us you want an easier way to see your goals categorized into the four areas of emphasis (spiritual, physical, social, intellectual). That’s brilliant. We’re going to make it happen.


Lots of you are asking, “Now, what is Today for, exactly?” Well, Today is a way for you to see what you’ve committed to do today: goals, activities, daily reminders, etc. It’s not intended to be a calendar, but we are investigating the possibilities of a single calendar for a future release.


You want the ability to share Gospel Living content to social media. Or via email. Or whatever your device will allow. Yes! We love it. That’s coming soon too. Stay tuned.


Do you have other ideas on how to make Gospel Living better? We hope so. Go to My Profile and send us feedback.

For now, enjoy everything the app has to offer, and let’s all find joy in gospel living.

-The Gospel Living App Team